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Here at Race Engineering we have the equipment and expertise to tune your motorcycle from the standard manufacturers set up to a motorcycle with significantly more power and torque.

The following motorcycle is an example of what we can potentially achieve:

For a more detailed view please click on diagrams.

Yamaha FZ107 Yamaha FZ1

Every so often manufacturers will produce a bike which has already got good performance as standard, however with a fairly minimal amount of work the bike can respond extremely well and produce significantly more performance. The Yamaha FZ1 is one of those motorcycles.

Dyno sheets A & B show the power and torque of the FZ1 before (blue) and after (red) the modifications were completed. As you can see, sheet A indicates that the power of the motorcycle after the modification, is higher all the way up the rev range and also the modification has produced more than 20hp extra power from the bike. Again, sheet B shows the peak torque of the motorcycle after the modification, is higher from 2000rpm. In addition the max torque has increased by more than 10 ft-lbs.  

Dyno Sheet ADyno Sheet B

Dyno sheets C & D present a surprise about the FZ1's engine. The engine in the FZ1 (red) is based on the 'first under seat exhaust' 04 R1's engine (blue). Although the FZ1 has had more work done to it, it's still surprising to see that the peak torque and power of the FZ1 is higher than the R1 up to 10500rpm. 

The R1 was standard plus: Acrapovic Link Pipe; Race End Cams and Power Commander with Custom Mapping. The FZ1 had: Micron Silencer onto standard Header Pipes whilst still retaining the Catalytic Converter; Power Commander with Custom Mapping; K&N Filter; modified Air Box and some engine work.

The engine work which was carried out on the FZ1 was:- Skim Head; thinner Head Gasket; minimal Head work to blend; the Valve Seats to Head Casting; and dial the Cams to new 'spec' developed by Race Engineering.

Dyno Sheet CDyno Sheet D