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What We Can Offer For You And Your Motorcycle Is :

  1. Any (WON) Nitrous Kit Or Part  Supplied And Fitted
  2. Standard Road Kits Will Flow Up To An Additional 200hp
  3. Standard Race Kits Will Flow Up To An Additional 300hp
  4. Custom Race Kits Will Flow 400+hp
  5. Custom Race Kit With New REVO System Options of Up To 1000hp or 2000hp!!!
  6. In House Custom Milling Of Parts From Billit Alloy eg.Bottle Brackets etc
  7. Ride In Ride Out Fitting Service 
  8. Full Dyno Set Up (no more guess work and wasted time at the track)
  9. A Very Simple Fuel And Nitrous Jet Change And You Can Have More Power In Minutes !!!
  10. The Cheapest Racing Nitrous Refills Anywhere Around The M25/M11
  11. Track Side Assistance To Help You Maximise Your Nitrous Experience 
  12. Nitrous Oxide Fault Finding
  13. Wet And Dry Systems Available
  14. Bosch (044) Fuel Pumps
  15. Dyna and Dynatek Parts
  16. And Much More!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Will nitrous injection damage my engine?

The use of a correctly designed, high quality nitrous system, that is fitted and used correctly within prescribed safe limits, will put your engine at little to no risk of damage.

Should you be unwise enough to use one of the many badly made generic kits (as sold by most other companies), you would be at substantial risk of damaging your engine, especially if it’s not used correctly.

It should always be remembered, that no matter what tuning method you use to enhance engine power, it is wise to make sure that;

  1. Your engine components are adequate for the job
  2. The installation work is carried out correctly
  3. You avoid the temptation to increase the power beyond safe limits
  4. Failure to comply with the above advice will increase the risk of engine damage.

When a correctly designed nitrous system is fitted and used correctly (to an engine in good condition), to make a sensible power increase, the risk of engine component failure will not be increased any more than by using any other tuning method. In actual fact it is uniquely possible to reduce the stress on key engine components and yet still improve vehicle performance when using nitrous oxide, unlike any other tuning method.

Is nitrous legal for road use?

In the UK nitrous oxide use is legal on road cars (contrary to what many people believe, including some police officers) and that is solely due to the efforts of the WON team, who single handedly convinced the insurance industry, to reverse the anti-nitrous position that they held for many years up to that time. In general the legality of nitrous use on the road varies from country to country, even within the EU. Furthermore there is no relevant law in the Highway Code or the MOT handbook prohibiting the use of nitrous injection.

Will using a nitrous system wear my engine out quicker?

A well designed, correctly fitted and set up nitrous system will not increase engine wear. In fact it is possible to use a nitrous system in such a way, as to reduce engine wear and yet still improve vehicle performance.

Anyone who finds it hard to believe that engine wear will not be higher than normal when using a nitrous system should consider the following;

  • 1) Most wear occurs during initial cranking and the warm-up cycle
  • 2) The wear rate once the engine is at running temperature under normal conditions is quite low and this is the only time nitrous should be used.
  • 3) Even if the wear rate was worse when using nitrous, it would only be worse than normal running, which as we’ve just covered is not when the worst wear happens anyway.
  • 4) The time that the engine is actually using nitrous, is an insignificantly small percentage of an engines running time.


                                                                    WILL NEVER WEAR OUT, GUARANTEED!!!!!   

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